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Martis Cleaning Services is well-run business, passionate enough to deliver long-term value to its London clients. Twelve years ago we have seized the opportunity to launch our activity starting to supply cleaners to residential and commercial properties across the city. Gaining significant expertize throughout the years mirroring our expansive nature.
Cleaning company
like ours is intended for a definite purpose. We have a strong set of values, concentrated on costumer’s impact. We take a steady approach by training and developing our cleaners in London, regardless of what they do. Our operational network ensures that we can quickly arrange the right team, with the right ability and competence, to every client, anywhere in London.

All members of our business have a huge enthusiasm and we have important role to play, we want to be tremendous, but more so we fancy to offer best help to anyone in London. The quality of our staff is the cornerstone of our ability to serve better clients. For this reason, we investing immense resources in creating exceptional cleaning teams, flourishing and evolving in their experience but also building an environment that support their growth as real professionals. All of our wide variety services are redefined and tailored as we use safest detergents and most efficient and powerful equipment. Nowadays we offer flawless and customized professional cleaning services like domestic, end of tenancy cleaning, office and carpet cleaning treatments.

Our Mission

Our mission reveals our purpose as a cleaning service provider and comes as the standard against we measure our operations and decisions:

Our values

Martis Cleaning Services values point the way we want to conduct our business, actions and represent how we doing in this competitive market. We have the leadership- the bravery to paint a better picture.

Our Goal

If we had to choose only one aim, it would be most important: resolution of service, bookings and consumer satisfaction. We want all of our clients to see us as a trusted source for outstanding cleaning service and cleaning solutions. When clients are searching for a professional, trusted, reliable cleaning contractor who will put their needs and interests first? That would be us.

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Need a spring clean, domestic cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning or else …