03 May. 17

Book your regular house cleaner in Canary Wharf

Book your regular house cleaner in Canary Wharf E14 area:

  • Trained and professional operative for your house or apartment.
  • Competitive prices only for £12.00 per hours.
  • Book your trial visit today.
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with Marti’s Cleaning Services.
  • All East London postcodes served.
  • Canary Wharf E14 is fully covered.

Our cleaning company have hundreds of existent customers in all parts of London, we help private homeowners, tenants and landlords with their daily house cleaning chores. We offer to them experienced cleaners trained and hardworking enough to deliver best possible service. Here are some quality tasks our operative will perform overall in clients’ property:

  • Dust all furniture throughout the property, these includes: skirting boards, woodworks, metalwork’s, mirrors, appliances, internal and external window clean, vacuum carpeted floors with a vacuum cleaner, all floors wiped and mopped where necessary, wipe all skirting, change bins bags, wipe outside of the bin itself, if needed recycle and separate, paper , plastic and metal etc.
  • Kitchen: Wipe down all kitchen surfaces, change the rubbish bag with new, wash tea/coffee cups and plates, wipe tiled walls, degrease microwaves in/out, degrease oven, clean extractor fan, clean racks, hot plates, take out all food and clean inside fridge, de scale sink, wipe and polish sink.
  • Hallways: Overall dust of all woodworks, doors, pictures, radiators, skirting boards, light switches, lamps, storage rooms or box rooms. Sweep, vacuum and mop floor.
  • Balcony: Wipe walls, sparkle railings, wash windows outside and inside.
  • Living room: Dusting throughout the property of all surfaces, wipe and polish any silver cutlery, dust doors, frames, wipe down window internally and externally if possible, vacuum clean floors where necessary, dust TV and other home cinemas etc.
  • Bathroom: Professionally clean the sink with appropriate disinfectant, clean and polish taps, clean and polish tiles around, scrub tiled floor, polish chrome, wipe radiator, descale and disinfect bowl with heavy duty chemical.
  • Outside door: Sweeping, cobwebs removal, litter picking of any rubbish, cigarette bits, plastic cup, tree leaves. Wipe down the door including the post box.


Please note: Our house cleaning service is easy to book. Before you commit and would like to have a cleaner in long term, you can have a trial with one, if you don’t like her job, we can replace with another one, until you find the right person for your home. We expect cleaners to be given a fair period of time to get to know the property better and any specific areas.

Regular cleaner’s duties and client’s requests:

Once you have your regular cleaning maid you be able to concentrate on your business. If you want to give her to do something extra do not hesitate to ask her. Please keep in mind that one day she could concentrate on the kitchen, on next visit she can switch it with the bathroom. For your full comfort our customer support will take care of any amendments, last minute changes or else. Providing a list of daily tasks from client is preferable. Ironing services comes at the same price, so if the cleaning lady have time she can do that as well for you.


Frequently asked questions

  • Q: What if I want to change the maid?

A: You can do that at any time, if you think that she is not reliable please give us a call and drop an email. Her successor will be sent promptly on the next scheduled visit.

  • Q: Cleaner is to slow and cannot clean the whole of the property. What do I do?

A: If you think that the cleaner is slow, please give her a little bit more time, she will be than more confident and faster once she got to know the property inside out.

  • Q: Safe keys holding or do I have to be there all the time?

A: Yes absolutely, you can issue a key to the cleaner. They have never lost one. In worst scenario we will make sure to pay and cut new one for our expense. If you have a concierge inside the building, we recommend to live one with them.

  • Q: How do I pay? Do I pay extra for Weekends and Bank Holidays?

A: Dependable on your intentions, you can pay in few different ways: cheque, BACS, cash or pay directly to the cleaner. Not a penny should come out of your pocket for weekends & bank holidays, at Marti’s Cleaning Services we don’t apply additional charges.