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Cheap Domestic Cleaner in Hampstead!

Domestic & house cleaning for NW3 and NW6 residents.

  • Frequency-daily, weekly, fortnightly or just one-off clean available.
  • Tailored checklists – client provide tasks
  • Supervised cleaners for better results
  • Local professional and reliable cleaners
  • Just Relax, our cleaners will do the rest

Martis Cleaning Services Prices:

  • Regular weekly visit– £12.00 per hour (minimum booking 2 hours)
  • Regular fortnightly visit- £12.50 per hour (minimum booking 4 hours)
  • One-off clean- £14.00 per hour (minimum booking 4 hours)
  • Please contact us for extra or additional hours!

We Will Sparkle Your Apartment or House!

Forget about cleaning, we will do it for you!

Maintaining your home cleanliness it’s not an easy task. That’s where we proudly step up and help clients on regular basis. Book with confidence any of our expert cleaners, relax more and focus on you free time, instead on chores.

What we offer with our professional cleans?

Bedrooms: general dusting of all furniture surfaces, replacing bedding sheets with new clean ones, wipe mirrors, wipe picture frames, vacuum clean floors, mop floor is wooden/vinyl, wipe skirting boards, wipe door frames and polish light switches.

Bathroom/ Toilet: sanitise tiles, cabinets, any other surfaces, de-scale the shower, de-scale the shower cabin, disinfect bathtub, disinfect toilet, toilet sit and lid, wipe down mirrors, mop tiled/vinyl floor, empty sanitary bin.

Kitchen Area: general dusting of all surfaces, appliances, de-grease and clean hobs/splash-back, de-grease and clean microwave, clean any tiles on the walls and near the oven, vacuum clean and mop floor, clean skirting boards.

Living room: dust/polish all furniture, vacuum clean gently upholstery furniture, wipe picture frames, clean mirrors, clean internal windows, vacuum clean and mop floor by using appropriate detergents, wipe down radiator, dust skirting boards.

Corridors/Staircase: dust all reachable surfaces, clean skirting boards, wipe banisters, hoover and/or mop the floor.

Upon customer request following task could be accomplished: Internal/external window clean, wardrobe organising and clothes folding, water house plant or flowers, laundry until we clean and ironing is possible too, if enough time to do it or add up an extra hour.

Book One-Off Cleaning Session or Regular Cleaning, Which One You Need?

For comprehensive deep clean, we call it also one-off clean, we can send a fully equipped cleaning crew to your premises. In case you request regular house cleaning, than our administrator will appoint a cleaner who will come at your place at certain time and day during each week or every other week. Second option clients is responsible to provide cleaning materials and cleaning equipment.


clean-roomDomestic Cleaner:

  • Martis cleaning operatives are insured.
  • Cleaner’s operatives are trained and confident to assist on any domestic chores.
  • All cleaners went through induction and know the methods of cleaning.
  • Also, we regularly speak and monitor their attitude and approach to work.
  • We always thrive for client feedback on their work, constantly trying to improve our services.
  • Any adjustments or amendments to their task are always welcomed. If client require specific tasks, please ask us for more information.

* IMPORTANT: Regular domestic clean does not substitute the original time-consuming end of tenancy cleaning which comes at different and higher cost.

Frequently asked questions from clients:

Q: What domestic cleaning service contains?

A: Your regular weekly house cleaner will follow the list of tasks provided by client and will make sure accomplish these for the agreed period of time. All points contradicting the cleanliness will be agree upon. Client can leave a note for the cleaner if anything else is requested.

Q: Do I have to provide detergents and cleaning equipment?

A: No not at all, if you are busy person we can do that for you instead. We will prepare anything the cleaner needs at small cost of £5.00 to £10.00. Essential is to provide an equipment of your own, these would be vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, flat mop etc.

Q: Do I sign a contract for the services?

A: We don’t engage clients with contracts, but we agree with client terms and conditions under which we will distribute the service. You can cancel the services with a week notice.

Q: Will I have the same cleaner on each visit?

A: Definitely yes, if you have booked a regular weekly clean, then we will guarantee the same cleaner. The operative will be different only if you haven’t set up weekly service with us and instead you asked for a cleaner the day before.