Professional Office cleaning in London

Founded 13 years ago our cleaning company went to develop from a rookie one man cleaner into trusted family run business assisting nowadays hundreds of customers across London. We offer commercial office cleaners to medium and large businesses. Here are some tasks our operatives follow in clients premises:

Please note: Our office cleaning service could be requested with or without cleaning materials or equipment. If client chooses the second option we will advise them what type of detergents to be bought.

Supplementary duties done upon client’s request:

We love taking on additional jobs. Bring it on, add task, remove task we get use to it. For customer comfort, our regular office cleaning services in London also include a list of extra tasks that your operatives could do for your company. For an example, the cleaner can help with making teas or coffees to your employees, hanging all staff jackets on the hangers. Other similar tasks include polishing of tableware if you have one, daily watering office plants, performing ironing, carpet cleaning and many more:

Frequently asked questions

A: In that scenario, we will promptly find an urgent replacement. The successor will be then promptly familiarised within the premises by its manager or supervisor for smooth transition.

A: If you’re not happy with the services you are experiencing until that moment, we will send a suitable replacement to ensure that they will do an effective and more professional job.

A: Yes absolutely, that’s not a problem at all. Unless you have a concierge at your reception the cleaner may be given a set of keys from your end. Then they will be able to come to your office premises without having someone from your company to be there to let them in.

A: Dependable on the location of your premise this could be from 8:00 a.m. The finishing times should be no later than 9:00pm. But stay with me, cleaners could work on weekends & bank holidays with no additional charges for that.

Key Benefit of Office Cleaning Services

Martis Cleaning Services is well-run business, passionate enough to deliver long-term value to its London clients.

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Professional Rug and Upholstery Cleaning Service in London

We all like to have a cleaner rug and sofas. Our home is where we spend a lot of time so we want it to look and feel just right. This means cleaner upholstery furniture, comfort, practically stain free armchair, carpet where you can really enjoy your play with kids. But transforming these ideas into reality could be difficult, not to mention time consuming, that’s why we are here to help you.

That’s where Martis Upholstery Cleaning Service is right for you – interpreting your ideas and vision, providing cost effective rug and upholstery cleaning, finished to the highest quality standards.

Are you having plans of updating your sofa or rug appearance? If so, our team of upholstery cleaning specialist would love to help you. No matter how big or small the rugs are, one of our qualified cleaners will help you make the process incredibly easy and ensure the cleaning process runs smoothly.

Choose from our diapason of upholstery furniture and fabrics clean and Marti’s technicians can start from scratch. We can also arrange supplementary services such as residential and office carpet cleaning in London.

Key Benefit of Upholstery Cleaning Services

Martis Cleaning Services is well-run business, passionate enough to deliver long-term value to its London clients.

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Professional Communal Area Cleaning in London

Martis communal areas cleaning service is fantastic way of increasing our cleaner’s involvement and inspiring positive changes with the cleanliness within your residential or office building. We offer a range of tried and tested team’s options to satisfy your company’s specific requirements. Whether you are planning a new tenant to move in, move out or off-site meeting, if you are interested in incorporating entertaining clients showings, our experienced personnel has plenty of unique strategies that will transform, energize and enlighten your premises.

Common area cleaning in buildings are an ideal way to address a number of corporate needs and foster a way of keeping your building in good shape. We offer many other services that address the specific targets, like spring cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and car park litter picking.

At Martis Cleaning Services we bond strong relationship with clients because we provide:

  • Adapting to a new buildings fast, all areas will be thoroughly cleaned before we stick to the weekly cleaning schedule.
  • Decision making and strategy of how, when and at what cost the cleaning will be performed.
  • Communication with the client
  • At Martis we conduct cooperation and trust with the client.
  • Our devoted company is always ready for negotiation or conflict resolution of any problems in regards with the cleaning.
  • Emergency problem solving and short notice calls answered.

Our professional cleaning company is committed to providing only the finest service, and we go quite far to tailor each program to our specific consumers.

Key Benefit of Communal Area Cleaning Services

Martis Cleaning Services is well-run business, passionate enough to deliver long-term value to its London clients.


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Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

Martis offer complete diapason of end of tenancy cleaning services to help tenants and residents for better and get their deposits back. Every little thing matters to us, from creating standards of excellence to training our operatives in more effective ways we could combine any of our professional cleaning services to generate a package that’s tailored to your needs. As already stated this eliminates the complexity and any additional costs of getting you where you want to be.

If the tenancy cleaning package you want doesn’t exist yet, we can guide you create one. This can be our precise tenancy cleaning to meet your requirements, Martis cleaning services are to fulfil an immediate need of your private landlord or letting agent which will accelerate and formalize the whole moving in or out process. Booking our post tenancy cleaning will save you money and it can also save you precious time and efforts. We supply one of the latest high-quality detergents and carpet cleaning equipment, including water extraction systems for end of tenancy cleaning, and all in between to facilitate a stress-free, straightforward result.

Client Benefits:

The recognised value that a new clients experiences with us is that the end of tenancy cleaning services is 100% guaranteed. We believe that from our initial customer service quote to the cleaners and the completion of the job, clients receiving thorough interaction with a company. Your profit and interest will include resolution of a problem, getting back your deposit, ambition of a desired outcome as a clean house or apartment, a feeling of confidence following booking and final achievement with post-booking service.

Working with Landlords and Letting Agents:

We deliver to both landlords and letting agents and we do suply cleaning services for permanent and temporary accommodation. Many tenants when moving out of a rented property after long term tenancies leaving houses in messy state.

With Martis choice and flexibility we can offer a lot, we help with professional tenancy service to landlords and we create long and stable relationship with them.

By hiring our end of tenancy cleaning teams regularly it is an excellent way of spreading the financial costs of running a home and for many it gives the option to accommodate new tenants.

For letting agents and landlords we offer:

Affordable service to provide you with quick and secure post tenancy cleaning
Assurance: our cleaners have proven themselves many businesses. Those that choose our service have benefited with cleaner places.
Evidence to show with photos before starting and upon completion of the service.
Full support from the initial quotation right till the end of the service.

Key Benefit of Domestic Cleaning Services

Martis Cleaning Services is well-run business, passionate enough to deliver long-term value to its London clients.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

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Professional Spring Cleaning Service in London

Over more than a decade Martis cleaning services has built up an enormous reputation for receptiveness, tolerance, efficiency, professionalism, health& safety measures and expertize. Spring clean or deep cleaning are services that rings a lot of bells. Everyone seems to have an intuitive association with this combination of two words clean and fresh. Before our cleaners start work they will confirm some and disprove other associations that client might have. Either way, in what follows Martis cleaners will try their best to transform your messy place into neat and tidy home, this can be approved by the client later in the day when job is completed.

Why book ours spring cleaning service?

  • Flexibility –Fully equipped vehicle, latest cleaning detergents, equipment etc…
  • Time is money – The ability to do multiple tasks in one day, kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, external window cleaning etc…
  • Professional cleaning operatives – Avoid the stress of doing the clean yourself, you will get experienced at main appointed cleaning staff.
  • Fully insured – We are fully insured cleaning company this allow our clients peace of mind and for us to conduct our business as usual.
  • Discount with our spring clean services – Book a carpet cleaning service together with the spring clean and you will get -20% off the carpet clean.
  • We can fit your budget – Avoid the charges of the rip of companies because you can book a spring clean with all the materials delivered by us .as low as £13.00 per hour.

We are professional:

  • Experience – Marti’s has been providing range of cleaning services for over 10 years. We now co-ordinate many contracts annually with many businesses, private homeowners, landlords and advertising institutions.
  • London Coverage – Marti’s has a London network of clients, employing local sub-contractors and cleaners to them.
  • Stability and responsibility – We have no financial liabilities and we are profitable. We are one of the only cleaning companies which have been trusted to provide cleaning services for Bing, Yahoo, Blenheim’s and RMT.
  • Cost effective solutions – Our professional image and size means that we can provide cost effective cleaning services that small company simply can’t offer.
  • Personal account manager – Marti’s provides you with a personal account manager who coordinates all conditions of your requirements wherever you need.

Key Benefit of Spring Cleaning Services

Martis Cleaning Services is well-run business, passionate enough to deliver long-term value to its London clients.


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Professional After Builders Cleaning in London

After builders cleaning are essential part for any construction industry businesses, they have to deal and meet, more compliance cleaning obligations than ever before. This increased regulatory involvement can be distressing for developers and designers and they have compulsory commitment to manage their worksite clean and tidy and often they search for professional cleaning contractor to help them work their way through with cleaner premises.

Marti’s is working more directly with architects, building planners and construction companies than ever, on residential and commercial projects of all sizes, providing cleaning solutions that make sure that full compliance with regulatory and official control for cleaning standards are met.

We know from experience that getting involved at the early stages of a project, especially with regard to compliance with building cleaning regulations and standards Marti’s cleaners will ensure that our after builders cleaning is accomplished service which can often save significant time and money. Other cleaning services delivered by our cleaners in London cover quality carpet cleaning, residential communal areas cleaning and health & safety control. These are all provided as element of a pick-and-mix set of services that can be wrapped to accommodate builder’s or developer’s urgencies.

Marti’s after-builders cleaning service is quality because:

  • Excessive dirtiness, glue smears, plaster markings, paint splash – any kind of pollutions and rubbish from construction and painting jobs will be wiped out;
  • Marti’s cleaners are equipped with professional wet and dry vacuum cleaning tools and machinery, a ladders up to 6m reach, squeegees, scrapers, scourers, green pads;
  • Personal protective equipment is compulsory, dust masks, cover rolls are also available if needed;
  • Preservation or cover sheets to tent furniture, surfaces, etc. could be used if needed.
  • Every tailored builders clean is monitored by our supervisors;
  • We are using latest cleaning detergents on the market.

Marti’s after builders cleaning service is unique and exceptional; we are committed to provide each client with excellence and better customer service. Every client can get access to select after builder clean packages. Get a better deal now, our friendly team will be pleased to guide you and help with any of your queries.

Enjoy the Benefits when you call our A Team for Post Builders Cleaning:

  • Adaptable bookings for client’s convenience. London’s after builder’s cleaning teams are available every day of the week.
  • Instant and dedicated Customer Care – we answer calls and bookings no matter how late it is.
  • Free Proposal &Quotes – without hassle!
  • Always tailored Clean-ups– you can rest assured from our professional approach.
  • Very likely we could answer Last Minute calls.
  • Efficiency and competitive rates with us goes hand by hand – our builders clean are an excellent value for money!
  • Variety of Selected Services – we offer followings: deep clean, post builders cleaning, spring cleaning, one-off cleaning plus upholstery and carpet cleaning.
  • Eco-friendly chemicals supplied on client request!
  • Our company is fully insured.
  • Huge savings – client can book a range of services to get better slash on the price!

Key Benefit of After Builders Cleaning Services

Martis Cleaning Services is well-run business, passionate enough to deliver long-term value to its London clients.


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