After Builders Cleaning

Professional After Builders Cleaning in London

Professional After Builders Cleaning in London

After builders cleaning are essential part for any construction industry businesses, they have to deal and meet, more compliance cleaning obligations than ever before. This increased regulatory involvement can be distressing for developers and designers and they have compulsory commitment to manage their worksite clean and tidy and often they search for professional cleaning contractor to help them work their way through with cleaner premises.

Marti’s is working more directly with architects, building planners and construction companies than ever, on residential and commercial projects of all sizes, providing cleaning solutions that make sure that full compliance with regulatory and official control for cleaning standards are met.

We know from experience that getting involved at the early stages of a project, especially with regard to compliance with building cleaning regulations and standards Marti’s cleaners will ensure that our after builders cleaning is accomplished service which can often save significant time and money. Other cleaning services delivered by our cleaners in London cover quality carpet cleaning, residential communal areas cleaning and health & safety control. These are all provided as element of a pick-and-mix set of services that can be wrapped to accommodate builder’s or developer’s urgencies.

Marti’s after-builders cleaning service is quality because:

  • Excessive dirtiness, glue smears, plaster markings, paint splash – any kind of pollutions and rubbish from construction and painting jobs will be wiped out;
  • Marti’s cleaners are equipped with professional wet and dry vacuum cleaning tools and machinery, a ladders up to 6m reach, squeegees, scrapers, scourers, green pads;
  • Personal protective equipment is compulsory, dust masks, cover rolls are also available if needed;
  • Preservation or cover sheets to tent furniture, surfaces, etc. could be used if needed.
  • Every tailored builders clean is monitored by our supervisors;
  • We are using latest cleaning detergents on the market.

Marti’s after builders cleaning service is unique and exceptional; we are committed to provide each client with excellence and better customer service. Every client can get access to select after builder clean packages. Get a better deal now, our friendly team will be pleased to guide you and help with any of your queries.

Enjoy the Benefits when you call our A Team for Post Builders Cleaning:

  • Adaptable bookings for client’s convenience. London’s after builder’s cleaning teams are available every day of the week.
  • Instant and dedicated Customer Care – we answer calls and bookings no matter how late it is.
  • Free Proposal &Quotes – without hassle!
  • Always tailored Clean-ups– you can rest assured from our professional approach.
  • Very likely we could answer Last Minute calls.
  • Efficiency and competitive rates with us goes hand by hand – our builders clean are an excellent value for money!
  • Variety of Selected Services – we offer followings: deep clean, post builders cleaning, spring cleaning, one-off cleaning plus upholstery and carpet cleaning.
  • Eco-friendly chemicals supplied on client request!
  • Our company is fully insured.
  • Huge savings – client can book a range of services to get better slash on the price!

Key Benefit of After Builders Cleaning Services

Martis Cleaning Services is well-run business, passionate enough to deliver long-term value to its London clients.


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