Spring Cleaning Service

Professional Spring Cleaning Service in London

Professional Spring Cleaning Service in London

Over more than a decade Martis cleaning services has built up an enormous reputation for receptiveness, tolerance, efficiency, professionalism, health& safety measures and expertize. Spring clean or deep cleaning are services that rings a lot of bells. Everyone seems to have an intuitive association with this combination of two words clean and fresh. Before our cleaners start work they will confirm some and disprove other associations that client might have. Either way, in what follows Martis cleaners will try their best to transform your messy place into neat and tidy home, this can be approved by the client later in the day when job is completed.

Why book ours spring cleaning service?

  • Flexibility –Fully equipped vehicle, latest cleaning detergents, equipment etc…
  • Time is money – The ability to do multiple tasks in one day, kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, external window cleaning etc…
  • Professional cleaning operatives – Avoid the stress of doing the clean yourself, you will get experienced at main appointed cleaning staff.
  • Fully insured – We are fully insured cleaning company this allow our clients peace of mind and for us to conduct our business as usual.
  • Discount with our spring clean services – Book a carpet cleaning service together with the spring clean and you will get -20% off the carpet clean.
  • We can fit your budget – Avoid the charges of the rip of companies because you can book a spring clean with all the materials delivered by us .as low as £13.00 per hour.

We are professional:

  • Experience – Marti’s has been providing range of cleaning services for over 10 years. We now co-ordinate many contracts annually with many businesses, private homeowners, landlords and advertising institutions.
  • London Coverage – Marti’s has a London network of clients, employing local sub-contractors and cleaners to them.
  • Stability and responsibility – We have no financial liabilities and we are profitable. We are one of the only cleaning companies which have been trusted to provide cleaning services for Bing, Yahoo, Blenheim’s and RMT.
  • Cost effective solutions – Our professional image and size means that we can provide cost effective cleaning services that small company simply can’t offer.
  • Personal account manager – Marti’s provides you with a personal account manager who coordinates all conditions of your requirements wherever you need.

Key Benefit of Spring Cleaning Services

Martis Cleaning Services is well-run business, passionate enough to deliver long-term value to its London clients.


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